Month: November 2016

Friendly, Polite and Helpful

“As a woman, I felt daunted hiring a vehicle and if that’s you, relax – you’ll be in excellent hands with Hotsons Eurodrive. Everyone I’ve come across is friendly, polite and helpful – from the receptionist to the mechanic who maintains the vehicles. The prices are very competitive too – I’ve hired the smallest car and the long wheel-base van – and fuel-wise the principle is simple (unlike a competitor I once used). You pick up a car full of fuel so you can get going quickly, and you must return a car full of fuel – it couldn’t be easier and you know where you stand. The vehicles are always spotless. And if I’ve had to return them after hours, I can park the car easily outside the compound (it’s well-lit near the main road) and drop the keys into the secure box. I’ve used Hotsons Eurodrive for 5 years and can thoroughly recommend them.” Mari Leeks

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Car Emissions Conference: The Latest in Automotive Efficiency

Car Emissions Conference, Eurocar fuel-efficient cars and what you can do to help When you choose a vehicle to hire with optimum properties of test mass, brake alignment, wheel and tyre specification, air pressure, running temperature and related parameters, it ensures minimum emission levels every time you travel. It can also enhance the level of oxygen around your living and working spaces. Moreover, it prevents making of another hole in the ozone layer right above your head. Imagine what would happen when similar procedures are followed all over the world for just one day. We can move towards a greener and cleaner life for everyone. Root Cause You might think you know these things well and follow the environmental laws already. However, a look at the statistics of increasing automobile pollution gives you quite another picture. Greenhouse gasses are made up of many elements like Sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds, Ammonia, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Methane. Nitrous oxide and Carbon Monoxide are the most […]

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Bring Your Fuel Consumption Costs Down

Hints and tips to bring your fuel consumption costs down Managing the cost of a car is not an easy task. The price of fuels like Petrol and Diesel have been decreasing but they can still be unaffordable. You can’t entirely stop using fuels to reduce the cost (as that defeats the point of having a car), but you can follow some of the tips below to reduce your consumption. 1. Reduce the trips This is the best method which actually works if you are determined. You can minimize the use of cars for small distances like going to the supermarket, dropping your children to school, etc. by opting for other (often healthier) options such as walking or biking. 2. Purchase a Fuel Efficient car Make sure you are driving a Fuel Efficient vehicle. You can go for a diesel car or a hybrid-electric car. Choose a car which gives you good mileage and comfort both in a one pack. 3. Turn off the AC You should always switch off […]

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Friendly and Professional

“We use Eurodrive as we find them friendly and professional with quality vehicles.  The after-hours return option is very useful and I like the option to park at their depot and leave my van. I recommend them unreservedly.” Shaun – Wantage Couriers

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