Month: January 2017

cars and lorries driving Eshima ohashi bridge

The terrifying rollercoaster road in Japan

The terrifying rollercoaster road in Japan that everyone wants to drive. All of us want to say we’ve visited some cool places in our time, and this is someplace like no other. The concrete Eshima Ohashi bridge, located in Japan, spans across a huge lake called Nakaumi connecting the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminto. The reason this bridge is so special, as you may be able to see, is its incredible incline. In actual fact, the slope gradient only reaches up to 6.1%, which is still pretty steep, but this slope is actually made to look much steeper by the camera angle. However, it still makes for a truly mind-blowing spectacle – both at the top or not. The reason for the bridge being designed to rise so unbelievably high in such as strange design is to allow boat traffic to pass through underneath. With the bridge stretching around a mile in length and with the width of the road being a sizeable 11.3 metres, it is the third-largest of […]

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Looking for a Part-Time job? Eurodrive might have just what you need…

Looking for a Part-Time job? We are currently looking for a Part-Time Receptionist and a Part-Time Driver. The hours are negotiable. Please enquire by email or telephone for more information and to request an application form. Alternatively please send your CV to

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