Month: June 2018

road signs pointing in different directions

Road signs and what they mean

As a driver we come across many different signs each day, speed limits, directions, roadworks the list goes on.  Since taking your test the signs and their meaning may have become a bit cloudy so below we have listed some of the more slightly obscure ones which are sometimes forgotten or not understood. 1. No Vehicles Carrying Explosives This is only applicable to quite a small number of drivers. Only a small number of drivers are actually concerned with this road sign, don’t think that it doesn’t apply to you though, if you’re celebrating November 5th and had no idea of the meaning of this signs- the consequences could be quite explosive.. 2. No vehicles except bicycles being pushed This road sign is quite clear and is not easy to miss noticing. Most people don’t but that sign allows no vehicles through. Any bicycles, on the other hand, are to be pushed through where the sign is placed. 3. T-Junction with right approaching given priority Most drivers have rarely come […]

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