Month: February 2022

Fiat 500C

Let’s talk about the Fiat 500C

Traditionally, car hire in the UK has been somewhat lacking. In the past with many companies  being environmentally friendly was low on the list of the hire company’s priorities, and the cost of hiring something half decent was astronomical. However, since being established in 1992, Eurodrive has strived to make those issues a thing of the past, with a list of available rental cars to suit all budgets, purposes, and personalities. The Fiat 500C is a fantastic car to hire, it’s fun to drive, nippy, eco-friendly, and can squeeze into just about any parking spot! Although the 500C is classed as a convertible, it does have a large sunroof too, making the car a dream to drive on sunny afternoons. What Does the Fiat 500C Have to Offer? Well known as a traditional Italian car, the Fiat 500 has been around since the 1950s, allowing drivers to glide around tight, European streets in style. It was originally marketed as a cheap, economical, functional city car, and still thrives on those […]

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