Month: February 2023

Hybrid car parked

Hybrid Car Rental: Are They Cheaper to Run?

In today’s climate, it’s becoming increasingly important to be environmentally conscious. For this reason, it’s becoming more common to see electric or hybrid cars on the road. In some cases, a hybrid car rental is the better choice, not just because it benefits the environment, but also because it benefits your wallet. A hybrid car combines a traditional combustion engine with an electric motor. This gives you power from your normal combustion engine to start the car, meaning your battery charging is powered by the petrol you put in. However, the extra energy used for acceleration is from the electric motor. The hybrid will also generate more energy from use to distribute into other practices. For example, regenerative braking means that the kinetic energy that’s produced from driving can be released when you brake, charging your battery without having to use your fuel. The car will also shut down if you brake for a longer period – at traffic lights for example. This means that you lose no energy from […]

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