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7 Fun Facts about Driving Tests in the UK

There are some funny facts about driving tests in the UK that I’m very sure you have never heard of. For starters, a fact about practical driving exams you probably never heard of is that in the early years, driving tests were suspended mainly because they took a long time to rebuild road networks damaged during the war. Furthermore, during the Suez Crisis, driving tests were halted again between November 1956 and April 1957.

Before the days of the theory and hazard perception test, obtaining a driving license was much easier, or was it? Here are seven other facts about driving tests in the UK:

How Driving Tests Used to be

Did you know? The UK driving exam has been altered drastically since it was first introduced 80 years ago. In May 1975, the use of arm signals was removed from the driving test. In April 1991, the reverse parking manoeuvre was introduced to the practical driving exam as a required element. In 2003 there was the introduction of ‘Show Me/Tell Me’ aspect of the practical test where you are required to answer questions about features of the vehicle you’re driving.

Before the introduction of the UK theory test in 1996, examiners simply asked a series of Highway Code questions once a candidate had completed their practical driving exam. But, even if the candidate got the questions wrong they wouldn’t fail. Recording of bad answers was as minor faults. In 2002 the hazard perception element was introduced as part of theory test to make it ‘more challenging.

Driving lessons reality TV show

Did you know? Before reality television made it big, one of the first reality TV shows was a driving program named ‘Driving School.’ Over 12 million people watched the program, which followed the driving experiences of Maureen Rees as she struggled to pass the practical driving exam. Rees achieved a brief period of fame as she eventually passed her test, buying a Lada automatic and having a stint in the music world with a cover of the song ‘Driving In My Car,’ originally recorded by Madness.

instructor marking minors for driving testMore driving test statistics

Latest statistics show that the DVSA now carries out over 1.5 million car driving tests annually in the UK, not to mention a similar number of theory test settings. In the UK, over 32 million people currently possess a full driving license. That’s a staggering 70% of the entire adult population.

Male vs Female driving

In the battle of the sexes when it comes to driving, evidence shows that women take much longer to pass their tests. According to research by the DFT (Department for Transport), women must take, on average, 52 lessons and attempt the test 2.1 times to pass. In comparison, men average just 36 lessons and pass in 1.8 attempts. But, once women have successfully passed the exam, they are much safer on Britain’s roads.

According to data published by the Home Office, men are responsible for 96% of dangerous driving offenses like for instance, most of them drink and drive hence causing fatal accidents.

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