A bright blue Fiat 500 with a convertible roof avail be to rent from EuroDrive.

Advantages of Hiring the FIAT 500C

Car hire is a fantastic option for those on holiday or wanting to drive out and about for a few days. Not only is it affordable and convenient, but it also offers more value and flexibility than local transports. We offer plenty of car options to suit our customers’ requirements and understand how to match cars to clients in accordance with their own personal needs. This mini guide highlights the benefits of the FIAT 500C and explores why it constitutes a great hire option for a lot of people.

Sought-after retro-inspired look

The FIAT 500C is a coveted option when it comes to vehicle hire, and it simply starts with the way this hatchback looks. Its charming retro-inspired look and iconic shape constitute an attractive design that rivals similar cars such as the Volkswagen Beetle and MINI hatchback. The FIAT 500C will not disappoint if you are looking to hire a car with plenty of character.

Cheap to run

Another great benefit of hiring the FIAT 500C is that it provides great value for money. It is a relatively inexpensive car compared to its similar counterparts, which means it is also cheaper to hire. This is partly due to its small 1.2L engine, which still packs a punch and offers a sporty drive due to the combined lightness of the car. Additionally, FIAT 500C models fall within low insurance groups (typically between insurance groups 11 and 18), making them highly affordable hire options.

Convenient small size

Let’s talk about convenience. Driving around on holiday or on unknown territory can be daunting, particularly if you are driving in the heart of a busy city. The FIAT 500C’s small size and light steering provides you with an easy ride, as well as making parking easier. This car is very much a city car and is ideal to relieve some of the stresses of driving in busy areas – particularly when it comes to finding a parking space. 

A convertible top for added fun

The FIAT 500C has a retractable fabric roof, which provides a touch of fun in the warmer days. The folding top is designed to provide the enjoyment of a convertible car while also keeping the noise and wind buffeting low. The ingenious design allows for the side windows and pillars to stay in place even when the roof is down. This also provides added safety and allows the car to keep its iconic shape.

The takeaway

The FIAT 500C is a great vehicle hire option, particularly for those looking for an affordable yet fun ride to enjoy the road ahead. It’s easy manoeuvrability, lightness and small size make it a fantastic option for stress-free city driving and easy parking. At Eurodrive, we offer FIAT 500C hire with prices as low as £38 daily / £165 weekly. You can browse our vehicle hire options here for more details and options. 

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