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The Best Scenic Roads in The UK To Hire Our Cars For

If you’re the type of person who enjoys nature, scenic views, and long rides, then a road trip around the United Kingdom can be the perfect getaway for you. The United Kingdom is a huge place — after all, it comprises England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. You can find so many beautiful and breathtaking places and sceneries by just driving through the countryside.

If you’re ever in the mood to explore the dramatic landscapes, picturesque mountains, and enchanting coastlines in the United Kingdom, here are a few of the most beautiful stretches of roads you can visit:

A2 Portrush to Bally Castle, Northern Ireland

This part of Ireland, which is also called Antrim Road, is home to one of the most beautiful scenic attractions in the United Kingdom. Anyone who loves ocean breezes, green plateaus, and scenic coastlines are sure to appreciate Antrim Road. This long and winding road was built between 100-meter-high cliffs and rocky coastlines, giving visitors the chance to see beautiful skies and waves crashing on the shore. You can expect to see the perfect sunrise or sunset whenever you pass by this area in good weather.

A lot of people love taking trips along Antrim Road because the route is also moderately narrow and unused, which makes it an ideal destination for a smooth drive. Antrim Road has always been recommended by old and new visitors alike, which is proof enough that it’s truly a place worth visiting.

Isle of Arran Coastal Road, Scotland

The Isle of Arran Coastal Road is famed for being a “miniature Scotland.” It’s a long and winding road that a lot of drivers find both challenging and rewarding. What makes this road unique is that it doesn’t just have beautiful coastlines; it ventures inland at several points as well.

If you take some time out to venture into this area, you’ll find yourself in the picturesque villages of Corrie and Sannox. These small, charming villages are nestled beneath mountains and are located a mile from each other. Travellers love taking pictures of the cute, old-fashioned houses located within the area. You can also find a lot of small shops in the villages, where keepsakes and various goods are for sale.

Isle of Arran Coastal Road

The Winding Road of the Cotswold

There’s so much more to the Cotswold’s than its quiet valleys and quaint English villages. The winding roads of the Cotswold’s are a 32.7-mile stretch that starts at Cheltenham and ends at Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

If you’re a nature lover, you’re definitely going to love passing by the beautiful green hills of Cotswold. The hills are teaming with both plants and wildlife, especially in the meadows that are strewn throughout the route. A lot of traveller’s love visiting in the spring because that’s when the meadows are often filled with wildflowers in full bloom. Sheep pastures and a variety of trees can also be seen throughout Cotswold’s, which attract both nature and animal lovers to the place.

The Winding Road of the Cotswold

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