Car covered in frost.

Tips to Keep Your Car Running This Winter

Winter is here, and for motorists across the UK that can only mean one thing, it’s time to start getting up early to defrost your vehicles. From windscreens to wiper mixes, and engines, our cars and vans need a lot of help this time of year. However, there are plenty of great winter car tips you can put into practice to make sure your four-wheeled friend is ready for the cold months ahead.

Turn Your Heating Up

One of the quickest ways to really break free of the frost is to crank your heating up once you’re in your vehicle. Some cars are fitted with heated front screens which is the dream – however, setting the blowers on to the screen and putting them on to full power will do the same job.

The frost isn’t the only problem…. with frost comes condensation on the inside of your screen. The best remedy for this is to let the heat do the work instead of wiping it away. We recommend popping your air conditioning on… air con isn’t just for the summer months. It conditions the air in the vehicle the air-con acts as a dehumidifier which in turn helps you stop steaming up.

Use Antifreeze

If you want a slightly quicker fix, you should definitely invest in antifreeze. This will help to protect your windscreen and other elements of your car against the deep freeze that’s likely to set in.

However, not all antifreeze products are great for the environment and can be toxic to animals. So, if you’re looking for a more responsible, kinder way to unfreeze your car, you may want to look elsewhere.

Grab the Scraper

One of the best winter car tips around is that you should grab yourself a scraper. If you’re running a car and you don’t already have a scraper to hand, it’s a very good idea to invest in one.

One of the quickest ways to defrost a car, at least from the outside, is to really hack away at the ice with a good old bit of elbow grease. However, make sure you are careful to ensure you don’t accidentally scratch your glass or paintwork. So, be gentle and do not use boiling water.

One of our top tips is not to use your kettle. The sudden change in temperature can cause the windscreen to crack – which will end up costing you more than just your time in the long run. Some people do tend to use lukewarm water but this still comes with its risks.

Scraping Frosted Car

Get a Winter Servicing 

Of all the winter driving tips we can offer you, the best by far is to get your car in for servicing as soon as possible. You should fully service your car a few times a year to make sure it is running at its best, and to ensure that you are fully prepared for harsh winters and dry summers. As well as knowing how to defrost your car, one of the best things you can do is get your car taken in for a service before the cold hits.

Get your car down for servicing as soon as you possibly can. It’s a great way to prepare for some of the harshest chills yet to come. Please feel free to fill out an enquiry form or give us a call for more information. 

Here at Eurodrive, we aim to be so much more than just a car hire company. We’re also proud to offer the communities of Oxfordshire a reliable and affordable car servicing option.

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