Bring Your Fuel Consumption Costs Down

Hints and tips to bring your fuel consumption costs down

Managing the cost of a car is not an easy task. The price of fuels like Petrol and Diesel have been decreasing but they can still be unaffordable. You can’t entirely stop using fuels to reduce the cost (as that defeats the point of having a car), but you can follow some of the tips below to reduce your consumption.

1. Reduce the trips
This is the best method which actually works if you are determined. You can minimize the use of cars for small distances like going to the supermarket, dropping your children to school, etc. by opting for other (often healthier) options such as walking or biking.

2. Purchase a Fuel Efficient car
Make sure you are driving a Fuel Efficient vehicle. You can go for a diesel car or a hybrid-electric car. Choose a car which gives you good mileage and comfort both in a one pack.

3. Turn off the AC
You should always switch off your Air Conditioner when unnecessary. It uses a lot of fuel and just increases your bill. Most of the cars allow you to do so just by pressing a small symbol (snowflake).

4. Never carry unwanted weight
The more weight, the more fuel consumption (and therefore more cost). So, make sure to avoid any unwanted burden. Don’t procrastinate taking out your Golf kit from the car. Every 100 pounds of extra weight may increase fuel consumption by 1-3%.

5. Don’t travel during rush hours
You probably know what I am trying to say but still let me explain. Being sat in traffic means you’re continuously changing gears, and during that time you consume more fuel. Similarly, there is a lot of traffic during the festive seasons, so pick your shopping times carefully!

6. Tire pressure
Regularly make sure your car’s tire pressure is good. Proper tire pressure can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%, and it is recommended to check your tire pressure weekly. But take sure that you do not exceed the ratings of your manufacturer.

7. Watch the steeps
Slopes can profoundly increase the consumption making a hole in your pocket. You are going opposite to gravity, and the engine consumes more power. You can’t just ban going up hills (let’s not be ridiculous) but reduce the number of them in your trips where possible, opting for flat routes over hilly ones. On the other hand, when going down the slope, just turn off the engine and let the gravity do work for you.

8. Be in speed limit
Being within the speed limit can reduce the fuel use by 10-15%. During high speeds, the engine consumes much more than usual. High speeds can cost approximately £5 for every 100 miles.

9. Regular Maintenance
Just as your body needs regular health check-ups, your car too needs routine maintenance to perform its best.
Pro Tip: The air filter in the engine makes a surprising difference. This should definitely be checked and remain clean, so you can start now by replacing an old fuel filter with a new and good one.

Eurodrive Final Verdict
During long waits, you can give your engine some instant love by switching it off completely when in traffic or sat at lights and restart it when the time comes. But where possible you should always plan your trip and route ahead of the journey for the most cost effective use of your vehicle.

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