Car Emissions Conference: The Latest in Automotive Efficiency

Car Emissions Conference, Eurocar fuel-efficient cars and what you can do to help

When you choose a vehicle to hire with optimum properties of test mass, brake alignment, wheel and tyre specification, air pressure, running temperature and related parameters, it ensures minimum emission levels every time you travel. It can also enhance the level of oxygen around your living and working spaces. Moreover, it prevents making of another hole in the ozone layer right above your head. Imagine what would happen when similar procedures are followed all over the world for just one day. We can move towards a greener and cleaner life for everyone.

Root Cause

You might think you know these things well and follow the environmental laws already. However, a look at the statistics of increasing automobile pollution gives you quite another picture.

Greenhouse gasses are made up of many elements like Sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds, Ammonia, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Methane. Nitrous oxide and Carbon Monoxide are the most poisonous elements as they induce poisonous elements into the human body, and according to European statistics from April 2016, road transport contributed to 62.9% of nitric oxide and 68.9% of carbon monoxide in the air. This is more than power generation and industrial pollution put together. Globally, this issue is growing worse and worse each day.

Our efforts to Reduce Emissions

As care hire specialists, we know that this responsibility to our world lies on us too, with the ever-increasing impact of vehicle emissions. For this reason, we highly encourage our customers to choose one of our more fuel-efficient vehicles when opting for car hire or van hire, so that together we can continue caring for the environment as best we can. You can also read our recent blog post about further ways you can reduce your car emissions<, with practical steps you can apply today with your own vehicle or vehicles.

Global Efforts to Reduce Emissions

Car Emissions Conference 2016 is an effort at the macro level to bring awareness about the methods to reduce pollution from real driving emissions. It needs support from millions of micro-level organizations and individuals to spread all over the world. You are one among the foundation stones who can make it stronger. Together we can transform our little efforts into a global endeavour for a greener world.

Unique Features of Car Emissions Conference 2016

  • Global automobile, lubricant and spare parts manufacturers attend the conference.
  • You get the latest industry insights and awareness about evolving RDE testing standards and their results.
  • You will realize the existing gap between planned emission standards and actual emission rates in your region.
  • You get to know how exactly automobile pollution is creating imbalances in the global warming levels and resulting in catastrophic events.
  • You get exposed to practical and cost-effective methods of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles.
  • You get to know how you can benefit from reducing your emissions, such as cuttings costs, enhanced profitability and safer breathing “air” – without having to “sacrifice” anything.

Inventory Control on Emissions

Going by the global inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, a certain timeline has been fixed for all the major countries in the world for implementing emission standards practically. Many of the EU nations have started from root levels. It means taking the simplest of pollution prevention measures like preventive vehicle maintenance to gain real results in reducing emissions and helping move towards a green world with the least pollution possible. The Car Emission Conference at Steigenberger Hotel in Berlin from 25-27 October 2016 can be your first step in realizing these goals.


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