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Top Tips for Planning a Road Trip

Everyone loves a good road trip. It gives you a chance to reflect on the world, see some beautiful sites and relax whilst out on the open road. However, it’s not as simple as just throwing your bags in the back and shooting off into the unknown. Planning a road trip properly is key to having a good time and seeing everything you want to see. Rent a Car Selecting a reliable car hire company that meets your needs is job one. You’ll need a car that you can rely on to get you from A to B. If you’re planning a long trip, make sure you select a sensible car that won’t let you down and has decent fuel economy. Sure, it’s exciting to hire a fast car, but that’s no good if you have to spend thousands on petrol. Speak to us about your needs, our team will be able to find a car best suited to your needs. Fuel Set your Sat-Nav for your destination. While you […]

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A row of mini buses ready for renting

Why Should I Rent a Minibus Instead of Buying One?

From everyone here at Eurodrive, we hope you are staying safe. This means practising social distancing and only going out when essential to do so. So, obviously minibus hire is not something you should be doing at the moment. Especially, as we are currently closed to ensure the safety of you and our team.

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Booking A Rental Van? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

For most people, a van isn’t something they ever consider buying outright. The ability to be able to rent, or hire, a van when you do need one is a fantastic option and much more cost-efficient than buying one, even second-hand.

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White Mini driving on snowy road

The Importance of a Winter Service For Your Car

How Does the Cold Weather Affect Your Car?  During cold months the temperature drops. This can have a big impact on your car. But how exactly does it affect your car?

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Car covered in frost.

Tips to Keep Your Car Running This Winter

Winter is here, and for motorists across the UK that can only mean one thing, it’s time to start getting up early to defrost your vehicles. From windscreens to wiper mixes, and engines, our cars and vans need a lot of help this time of year. However, there are plenty of great winter car tips you can put into practice to make sure your four-wheeled friend is ready for the cold months ahead. Turn Your Heating Up One of the quickest ways to really break free of the frost is to crank your heating up once you’re in your vehicle. Some cars are fitted with heated front screens which is the dream – however, setting the blowers on to the screen and putting them on to full power will do the same job. The frost isn’t the only problem…. with frost comes condensation on the inside of your screen. The best remedy for this is to let the heat do the work instead of wiping it away. We recommend popping […]

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Christmas Car Hire at Euro Drive.

Benefits of Hiring a car at Christmas

Christmas, a fantastic time to eat too much, drink too much, spend too much and relax. It’s a time to spend with family and friends and contemplate the end of another year. For all the fun-filled activities that it offers, it can also be a drain on your time. Getting around to deliver presents, seeing those far-flung family and friends (or going out of your way to avoid them), showing your face at all those parties means your car takes the brunt of the festivities. If you want to rent a car or a van over the Christmas period, the time to book is now. Don’t wait until Christmas Eve to make the decision, or the best you might get is a second-hand sleigh and they don’t work as well as you think. Another great advantage of renting a car or van is you can get 12 days to hire for the price of 7! That’s right, 12 days hire for the price of 7 days. Be sure not to […]

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Basic Winter Checks for Your Car

Now, winter is on its way. And with winter we can always expect harsh weather which can play havoc with the condition and running of our cars. With this in mind, we will be looking at some basic car checks that will help make sure your car safety is exactly as it should be.

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london street

The Best Scenic Roads in The UK To Hire Our Cars For

If you’re the type of person who enjoys nature, scenic views, and long rides, then a road trip around the United Kingdom can be the perfect getaway for you. The United Kingdom is a huge place — after all, it comprises England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. You can find so many beautiful and breathtaking places and sceneries by just driving through the countryside. If you’re ever in the mood to explore the dramatic landscapes, picturesque mountains, and enchanting coastlines in the United Kingdom, here are a few of the most beautiful stretches of roads you can visit: A2 Portrush to Bally Castle, Northern Ireland This part of Ireland, which is also called Antrim Road, is home to one of the most beautiful scenic attractions in the United Kingdom. Anyone who loves ocean breezes, green plateaus, and scenic coastlines are sure to appreciate Antrim Road. This long and winding road was built between 100-meter-high cliffs and rocky coastlines, giving visitors the chance to see beautiful skies and waves crashing on […]

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Renting A Car Vs Driving Your Own

In the 21st Century, car hire is becoming more and more popular among people embarking upon their travels. Maybe you’re off on holiday or you just want to enjoy the thrill of driving around the country – car hire is the way to go. So, the question is; why would I opt for car hire rather than just use my own car? The answer to this question is very broad as there are many benefits of car hire. Here are some of the reasons why it’s more beneficial for you to hire a car: Offers Flexibility Hiring a car is perfect for when you are on holiday! When you take public transport and want to visit the more remote places for example, visiting restaurants with views in remote places or finding hidden trails to walk along, these become more and more of challenge and sometimes near impossible. Such special places are much more accessible and peaceful when you have your own hire car. At the same time, when you go […]

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Road signs and what they mean

As a driver we come across many different signs each day, speed limits, directions, roadworks the list goes on.  Since taking your test the signs and their meaning may have become a bit cloudy so below we have listed some of the more slightly obscure ones which are sometimes forgotten or not understood. 1. No Vehicles Carrying Explosives This is only applicable to quite a small number of drivers. Only a small number of drivers are actually concerned with this road sign, don’t think that it doesn’t apply to you though, if you’re celebrating November 5th and had no idea of the meaning of this signs- the consequences could be quite explosive.. 2. No vehicles except bicycles being pushed This road sign is quite clear and is not easy to miss noticing. Most people don’t but that sign allows no vehicles through. Any bicycles, on the other hand, are to be pushed through where the sign is placed. 3. T-Junction with right approaching given priority Most drivers have rarely come […]

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