7.5 tonne truck

What Can You Fit in a 7.5 Tonne Truck

A 7.5 tonne truck is a type of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) that can be used for a variety of different purposes. People typically rent these trucks to transport goods and materials, such as building supplies or large items. It is also a great option for businesses that need to move heavier and bulkier items. It has an impressive capacity, with its dimensions standing at around 2.44m (8′) in height, 2.38m (7’10″) in width and 6.1m (20′) from front to back. This gives it a total capacity of around 7.5 tonnes (16,500 lbs). A 7.5 tonne truck can be used for a variety of different applications, which we explore below. Moving House or Workplace with a 7.5 Tonne Truck If you’re moving house and need to transport a large amount of furniture, then a 7.5 tonne truck is ideal. Its significant size will provide plenty of storage space for all your belongings, making the move easier and more efficient. Additionally, if you’re relocating a workplace, then it may be necessary […]

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Delivery van express

Everything You Need To Know to Hire A Van

Sometimes, hiring a van is your only option when transporting large items. This might be to move house, to deliver something large and heavy to another location or for an office clear out. Before you hire a van, there are some key considerations to make to ensure your experience is safe and straightforward. What to Know Before Hiring a Van Whilst some people are put off by the thought of van hire because they think it is costly or too difficult for them, neither of these are true. In fact, the decision to hire a van can make your life a lot easier as it allows you to take a large load to a location in a single trip. Multiple trips can amount to a greater overall cost in travel expenses, and make the process last longer than it should do.  Van rental is an excellent idea and sometimes the only viable option to save on making multiple trips, but there are a few things to consider before you go […]

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Woman driving

Hiring A Replacement Vehicle After An Accident

Rental vehicles are excellent for holidaying or transporting your belongings between properties – but they also have another crucial use. They are a perfect option if you’re in between cars or your car is being repaired. A temporary replacement vehicle will help you get back on the road in no time. If you’ve had an accident or are without your car for a period of time, you should consider renting a car whilst yours is off the road or whilst you look to purchase another. This helps to free up time whilst you decide on your next car and means that you can still get on with life as normal. In this blog, we’re going to look at how this works and how it can benefit you.   Why Would I Need to Hire a Car After an Accident It can be difficult to get back up and running on the road if you’ve had an accident. You might feel that time is against you as responsibilities such as work or […]

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Family car hire

Reasons Why Car Hire Is Easier Than Public Transport

Car hire is often preferable to public transport for many reasons. With a car, you’ll get the freedom to go where you want, when you want, giving you the flexibility to enjoy your holiday without stress. You also have the luxury of travelling alone, with nothing but you and the open road, creating a much more enjoyable experience.  Here at Eurodrive UK, we truly believe that hiring a car is the best idea when travelling, and we’ve listed our top reasons below.  Car Hire Gives You Freedom If you’re touring on your holiday and want to see the sites, public transport can limit where you’re able to go. Many attractions won’t be on a bus route so you’d have to rely on taxis which don’t always work exactly to your timetable. When you choose car hire in the UK, it’s much easier to get to the places you need to go without delay, exactly when you want to go. It’s also much cheaper than getting a taxi everywhere, as you […]

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Where Can You Drive To In Europe From Oxford For Christmas?

 Where Can You Drive To In Europe ?   Driving holidays are a much more economical method of travelling, allowing you to see the sights whilst not breaking the bank. It allows you to see and experience all of the places that you travel through on the way to your destination. If you plan your route right, you can visit multiple holiday destinations for the price of one. Oxford To Europe In A Rented Car  So, you’ve decided to embark on a driving holiday, but you’re not sure where to go. There are plenty of idyllic settings to aim for in all directions and here are some of the best: • Germany – Aptly titled The Romantic Road, this picturesque 217-mile route through the mountains and forests of Bavaria is one of the most popular destinations for driving holidays. It will take you around 12 hours to drive from Oxford to Harburg (the town near Romantische Strasse), however, to get the maximum experience out of this journey, it’s best to spread […]

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What do you need to Rent a Car in the UK?

Car Rental in the UK: The Requirements If you’re looking to rent a car in the UK there are some basic requirements you must adhere to: – All car drivers must hold a full valid UK driving licence. – If the driving licence is an international licence, you will also require an international permit. You should check with the local authorities to make sure the permit is correct for hiring a vehicle to avoid any penalties.  – Most car rentals won’t allow you to hire a car unless you are over 23 years old and have had a driving licence for a minimum of 2 years. Be sure to check with the company you’re hiring from before travelling there as you may not be able to hire a vehicle. – The general rule of thumb is that you need to have held your licence for over 24 months for most car rental places. This is because statistically, younger drivers will be more prone to accidents. What Penalties Will You Face for Illegally […]

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Rental car keys

Why Booking Direct is Always Best!

Are you looking for a car to drive around on holiday, or a van to move into a new property? Vehicle hire is a great, cost-efficient option whether you’re going abroad, or staying put in the UK. Providing you with freedom and flexibility, vehicle hire allows you to get from A-B without relying on external services or public transport. We believe the process of renting a car should be easy and completely hassle-free, and booking directly is important to ensure you receive the best service possible. Smooth and Reliable Process There are plenty of booking companies out there that offer ‘all-in-one’ services, booking every aspect of your holidays and other trips. This includes car rentals. However, there are a few disadvantages when it comes to booking through such companies. Customers often end up being let down by booking companies as aspects such as car rental are often neglected. Whether the necessary booking is completely missed or inaccurately booked (ie. booking the wrong car or a vehicle that is actually unavailable), […]

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fleet of vehicles for hire

Hiring A Van For Relocation Of Your Home Or Business

Moving house or relocating your business can be a super stressful process. Vehicle hire may be a great option to save you money and lessen the stress.

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White Van being driven on a main road.

Why Van Hire is a Great Option When Moving House

Something that should not be overlooked when planning your move is the transport that you’re going to use. Some people are able to use their own transport to move but there are many benefits to hiring a van.

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A man in a shirt and tie, handing over car keys to a woman renting a car.

Why you Should Still Consider Renting a Car During the Pandemic

What a year 2020 has been, and it’s not even over! Before we were even half-way through it the world has dealt with wildfires, Brexit, a global pandemic, lockdown and the humiliation of us all having to learn how Zoom works. For many of us looking forward to two weeks in the sunshine, relaxing on a beach and swimming in crystal clear waters overseas has been put on hold.

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