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Does My Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Rental cars can be a big part of your business or a big part of your holiday – either way, sorting your insurance shouldn’t get you in a tizz! Whatever the reason for hiring, understanding your rental car insurance can be a bit of a grey area – so we’re here to help. This blog hopes to clear up some of the misconceptions and confusions of rental car insurance.

Car insurance and rental cars

The main question that will pop into people’s heads when they’re reading through the terms and conditions on that rental car form is: I have car insurance already, but does that cover my rental car too? Most rental car services will allow you to extend your own insurance coverages for the use of a rental car. Whether car insurance is covered or not when renting cars is entirely dependent on the car rental company.

When you hire with us the cost of the insurance is covered and included within the rental price. We have no hidden extras or add ons. The price of the car includes everything you need including the insurance, alongside the cost of the hire we do take a preauthorisation deposit incase something were to happen whilst the vehicle was in your possession (the deposit amount varies for each vehicle – please read the full terms and conditions which details what the deposit covers).

If there are no problems with the vehicle upon its return your deposit will be released back into your account shortly after the vehicle is returned.

*Please note that this may differ for businesses hiring from us, please contact us to discuss your business policy.

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