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Everything You Need To Know to Hire A Van

Sometimes, hiring a van is your only option when transporting large items. This might be to move house, to deliver something large and heavy to another location or for an office clear out. Before you hire a van, there are some key considerations to make to ensure your experience is safe and straightforward.

What to Know Before Hiring a Van

Whilst some people are put off by the thought of van hire because they think it is costly or too difficult for them, neither of these are true. In fact, the decision to hire a van can make your life a lot easier as it allows you to take a large load to a location in a single trip. Multiple trips can amount to a greater overall cost in travel expenses, and make the process last longer than it should do. 

Van rental is an excellent idea and sometimes the only viable option to save on making multiple trips, but there are a few things to consider before you go ahead with van hire.

Who Can Hire a Van?

The first burning question should be, ‘Can I hire a van?’

Well, there are some legal issues to check off your list first. You will require a standard UK driving licence of Category B level, which allows you to drive any car or van weighing less than 3500kg. You can also only rent a vehicle that supports up to 8 passengers.

Most van rental companies will also require a clean driving licence with no points that you have held for more than 2 years.

You must also be aged between 25 and 70. To hire a van, it’s a good idea to visit the government website first to obtain a ‘check code’ which will deem you eligible.

Consider the Size of Your Van

Before confirming your van hire Abington, it’s a good idea to consider what you need the van for and discuss this with the van hire company. Try to get a van that’s as close to the size of the items that you need.

Hiring an overly large van may cause issues as it will be more difficult for you to get to grips with driving. It could also leave your items more prone to damage if there’s too much space for them to move around.

You also need to consider the fuel intake for the van. Although a van hire company will typically give you a good amount of fuel when you drive away, a larger vehicle may cost you more in fuel if you’re driving long distances and need to fuel up.

Is a Van Difficult to Drive?

Vans aren’t difficult to drive once you get the hang of it – they feel just like driving a large car. However, you will need to consider that you won’t be able to fit through the same gaps as you normally do with your car and make extra allowances when turning.

If you aren’t confident, it’s a good idea to drive around the carpark before setting off to ensure you are fully confident. Eurodrive offers a friendly and reliable van rental service. If you’re worried about your first ever van hire, contact their helpful team today who can talk you through the process.

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