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Why Should I Rent a Minibus Instead of Buying One?

From everyone here at Eurodrive, we hope you are staying safe. This means practising social distancing and only going out when essential to do so. So, obviously minibus hire is not something you should be doing at the moment. Especially, as we are currently closed to ensure the safety of you and our team.

But, we believe that in these unsettling times we should try and look forward to positive things in the future. So here are some fun and exciting activities to plan to do when things are back to normal. As well as why it will be more affordable and easier to rent a minibus instead of buying one:


Reasons to Rent a Minibus

The main reason why you should rent a minibus instead of buying one outright is cost. If you’re looking for 9 or 8 seater minibus hire for a day out or a short break away, chances are this is not going to be happening regularly. If you’re not using a minibus every week, like any vehicle, the running costs are going to be more than the benefits you have of owning the minibus. These costs include fuel, road tax, insurance, and other cost factors.


Whereas if you hire a minibus, you only have a fixed cost when you hire the vehicle. You don’t have to worry about any extra monthly direct debit payments or garage and MOT bills. Renting a minibus also ensures you get the highest quality vehicle for an affordable price. This will ensure that everyone you’re travelling with is not only safe but comfortable as well.


What to do With Minibus Hire

Here are some great ideas to plan with your friends and family for when we are able to get back to normal:


Adventure Days

Awayday activities are sometimes more used for team building within businesses. But there are loads of options out there for fun, exciting, and playful days out. These experiences provide unique opportunities to bond with your friends and family. This may include rafting, rock climbing, and even 100 mph zip wires. Research the right adventure for you and your party and use your rented minibus to travel down in style. While saving money in the process as well.


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Beach Day

One of the classic ways to spend a weekend is travelling to the seaside. With an affordable minibus rental, you will have extra cash to spend in the arcades, on fish & chips and fresh doughnuts or even on mini-golf. That’s before you even get in the sea. Planning an exciting day out at the seaside for the future is a great way to keep your spirits up.


Travel Abroad

You may be dreaming of a sunny day on the Mediterranean coast right now. You can use our hired minibuses to travel through Europe to your dream holiday destination. We have a wide range of minibus options, including 8 and 9 seater minibuses. This means you can travel abroad with more of your friends and family, for less than it costs for air travel. You will need to contact our team for a quote.


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