Peculiar Driving Facts from Around the Globe

There are certain things that are akin all around the globe. No matter where you are on the earth, be certain that you will come across at least one really terrible driver and if you are lucky maybe a peculiar traffic rule as well. From pedestrians, laws, car hire, to driving tests – unusual driving facts are all over the globe.

As if converting the speed from miles to kilometres and driving on an altogether different side of the road is not enough of a task in an alien country, you will also need to take into account local laws.

1. Russia Fines Drivers of Dirty Cars

So, make sure your vehicle is squeaky clean if you are planning a drive on the roads of Russia. Because if not, you might have to bear the consequences of an on the spot fine.

dirty mercedes car

2. No driving tests in Mexico. How strange Mexico!

In Mexico, anyone above 18 can buy a licence for about 626 pesos – which is the equivalent of roughly £25. No need to pass a test, this may well be one of the reasons why Mexico city alone houses about 4 million cars!

3. Spain Prohibits Driving in Certain Shoes

Most of us are all about flip-flops during summer, many of us chose not to drive in them, but did you know in Spain if you are behind the wheels wearing any backless shoes, flip-flops or any kind of high heels you might have to pay up to EUR 200 as a penalty because it is illegal!

4. Don’t Travel topless in Thailand

No matter your means of transport when exploring Thailand it is illegal to travel without your shirt on – this goes for both men and women. If you do you may well be faced with a fine.

5. A 14-year-old Behind the Wheels?!?

In Kansas, Idaho and Alberta it’s a very common sight to see a 14-year-old driving like a pro? I would definitely trust a 14-year-old to drive what could possibly go wrong….

6. Unstoppable Germany!

In Germany, if you are taking on the Autobahn you cannot stop – at any cost. So much so that it is illegal to even break down. So, you might want to make sure your car’s health is on point before joining the motorway.

diesel unleaded and petrol

7. No Splashing in Japan

We have all been there it is cold and wet outside and you have to make a trek out into the wild and a passing vehicle hits a puddle and drenches you from head to foot. Thankfully, Japan has a law which means this is illegal, protecting the pedestrians from those splashes – all hail Japan!

8. China Not–so-courteous

In Beijing it is illegal to stop for pedestrians, so crossing the road as a pedestrian becomes a mammoth task.

So there you have it 8 bizarre driving rules from across the globe! If you are thinking of hiring a vehicle to go on your travels across Europe this summer then get in touch with one of our team today. We will ensure you are supplied with everything you need to get you on your way.

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