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Reasons Why Car Hire Is Easier Than Public Transport

Car hire is often preferable to public transport for many reasons. With a car, you’ll get the freedom to go where you want, when you want, giving you the flexibility to enjoy your holiday without stress. You also have the luxury of travelling alone, with nothing but you and the open road, creating a much more enjoyable experience. 

Here at Eurodrive UK, we truly believe that hiring a car is the best idea when travelling, and we’ve listed our top reasons below. 

Car Hire Gives You Freedom

If you’re touring on your holiday and want to see the sites, public transport can limit where you’re able to go. Many attractions won’t be on a bus route so you’d have to rely on taxis which don’t always work exactly to your timetable.

When you choose car hire in the UK, it’s much easier to get to the places you need to go without delay, exactly when you want to go. It’s also much cheaper than getting a taxi everywhere, as you would either need to pay them to wait, or to pick you up and drop you off.

Act Like A Local

Hiring a car is much safer than public transport. It allows you to travel straight to your destination from your accommodation without having to find your way through any unfamiliar neighbourhoods and getting lost.

It’s easy to feel out of place, especially if you’re busy wandering around finding the right bus to get on or asking people for directions. This can leave you feeling vulnerable, as those people around you know that you aren’t from around there, and can make travelling pretty stressful.

Having your own hire car means you can act like a local and blend right into your surroundings.

Make Use Of Extra Boot Room

When you’re travelling, there are lots of things that you’ll want to carry around with you. Your camera, hiking gear, beach towels – it’s difficult to fit all of these things in one bag. Also, when travelling with children, there are buggies, extra clothes and food to think about. With a hire car, you can make use of the boot space so you can carry around everything you might need in one go.

Car Hire Can Save you Money

Public transport, such as trains, taxis and buses, can be very expensive, especially if you plan on sightseeing while you’re on holiday.

Renting a car means that you only pay the small hire fee and your fuel. If seeing the sights is your chosen holiday activity, then simply filling up your tank is much cheaper than paying all the taxi fares.

Rent A Car In The UK With Eurodrive

Eurodrive offer a wide range of  hire cars, with various vehicles available to suit your needs, family size and luggage. Contact Eurodrive today for your hire car at an affordable price and get out on the open road!

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