road signs pointing in different directions

Road signs and what they mean

As a driver we come across many different signs each day, speed limits, directions, roadworks the list goes on.  Since taking your test the signs and their meaning may have become a bit cloudy so below we have listed some of the more slightly obscure ones which are sometimes forgotten or not understood.

1. No Vehicles Carrying Explosives

This is only applicable to quite a small number of drivers. Only a small number of drivers are actually concerned with this road sign, don’t think that it doesn’t apply to you though, if you’re celebrating November 5th and had no idea of the meaning of this signs- the consequences could be quite explosive..

2. No vehicles except bicycles being pushed

This road sign is quite clear and is not easy to miss noticing. Most people don’t but that sign allows no vehicles through. Any bicycles, on the other hand, are to be pushed through where the sign is placed.

3. T-Junction with right approaching given priority

Most drivers have rarely come across this sign. Even those who have seen it may have difficulties remembering what it means. This sign is applicable to sections of the road where vehicles approach from both the right and the left sides. The vehicles from the right side are given priority.

4. Overhead electric cable

It’s easy to come across this sign and think of the danger, due to the nature of the sign. However, it’s important to understand that this sign means there’s an electric cable above you as you drive on the road and you need to watch out for any danger that may be caused by it.

5. Wild Animals

At certain times of the year, you may see signs warning you about toads in the road, deer or horses. These warning signs encompass all wild animals no matter how large or small they may be. It’s best not to ignore these ones as in doing so could lead to an accident involving the animal and your vehicle.
wild animals sign

6. Vehicles may pass either side to reach the same destination

This is another sign that isn’t being used that often but its also one of the most puzzling signs that you’ll come across. Deciphering its meaning from the sign without referring can be a challenge. This sign means that you can drive from either of two sides to get to your destination.

7. Opening or Swing Bridge

This is not a common sign that you’ll see on the roads. This sign gives drivers the warning that there is an upcoming bridge ahead that opens or swings – so it’s best to slow down heavily if you see this sign!

These are only a few of both common and unique road signs that you may come across as you are on your travels.  We hope this has given you some valuable insight – and please ensure that you are driving safe where ever you drive!

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