Renault Megane

Servicing your car

As you may know we have our own workshop at Eurodrive and service hundreds of cars every year,  including our fleet and customers cars. If you would like to book your car in for a service with one of our mechanics please get in touch with us today.

How often should you service your car?

Your car can become an important part of your life, whether you use it to commute to work, weekly family shop,  or everywhere including your holiday.  When you think of how much you rely on your car these reasons alone are enough to make sure that your car is regularly serviced to ensure it is always in good working condition.

So, what does regular servicing mean? Most people believe that certain factors should generally be considered when deciding on when your car needs a service. it is recommended that you get your car serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines – on average this is 12,000 miles or every year. In your car owner’s manual, the manufacturer notes the details surrounding how and when your car needs servicing. Most vehicles have a service light which will come on when it is time for your car to have a checkup.

The duration since you last serviced the car

Ensuring your car is regularly serviced is great practice in maintaining the health of your car. Some people ignore the good practice of servicing their cars and wait until a problem occurs,  although you may save the pennies on servicing in the short run, it can become costly in the long run.

Service the car when you change the oil filter and the oil

The recommendation of when to replace the oil and oil filter of the car varies widely. However, for a place like the UK, it is recommended that you do it every year or after every 10000-mile coverage.  Your car should always be in the best condition so that you stay safe and your car serves you well. Routinely taking the car for check-ups is generally a good practice.

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