man in drivers seat being handed keys to his hire car.

Things to consider before hiring a car

Hiring a vehicle can be a great solution; Whether it’s for a holiday, a house move, to tie you over whilst you wait for a new car, or you just need one short-term. Car hire can often be cost effective and save you pennies that would be spent on taxis and if on holiday can give you the freedom to explore. However, car renting can at times be confusing, especially if it’s your first time. There are a few things that it is important to know before you hire or rent any vehicle, we try and make vehicle hire easy and simple at Eurodrive.

Make sure you have your paper documents

Before you hire a car you will need to generate a DVLA check code, for this you will need your drivers licence and national insurance number. Once you have generated the code note it down (please note the code is case sensitive). On the day of hire you will need to bring with you your driving license, secondary form of identification with your address on. This can be something such as a bank statement or utility bill (we are able to accept e documents). Make sure you bring these with you to avoid the trouble of having to return home to get them.

Deposit and insurance

You will need to bring with you your payment method and card for us to freeze your deposit on. We take a deposit which is held in your account for five working days, if any incidents arise whilst you are in our vehicle it will be taken from your deposit. Our overall hire price includes your insurance- if you have any questions about our insurance policy please let us know.

Observe the car exterior

No matter where you hire the car from, it’s a good idea to check for any damage to the exterior before you drive away. If it does have any damage, it’s important to make sure that the rental company is already aware of it to ensure that there isn’t a misunderstanding over who’s to blame and you’re not charged for the damage. We will go round the car with you and mark any damage on our check out sheets.

A line of hire cars parket at the Enterprise car rental desk in Leeds Bradford Airport

Plan your trip

Before you hire a car, plan your journey in order to save your time and petrol. You can always ask the staff members about the best places to visit nearby and take a drive to such places.

Fuel your car

The rental car will be provided to you with a full tank of fuel, and you’ll be asked to return it with the same amount. Returning it without a full tank will incur additional charges, so make sure you consider fuel in your budget (it’s also important to remember whether the vehicle needs petrol or diesel, this mistake happens a lot more often than you’d think). On each rental vehicle we have a key tag with the fuel type clearly stated, if in doubt it will also be marked on your copy of the checkout sheet.

Driver age and Licence Categories

When hiring a vehicle, it’s important that you check the age policy, as you’ll need to be over a certain age with a number of years experience before you can hire a car or van. Also to drive our minibuses and 7.5t trucks you will require categories D1 and C1 on your licence.


If you are thinking about hiring a car or van, there are lots of things you’ll need to consider and prepare before you do so. If you’ve read the above and have any questions or need further advice, please feel free to get in touch with our team of experts.

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