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Advantages of Hiring the Toyota Aygo

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When you’re hiring a car, you need something reliable and that you can trust on the road. However, you want a vehicle that’s comfortable, easy to drive, and features high-quality air conditioning. The Toyota Aygo Fire offers all these features and much more. If you’re looking for small hire car, this is a great option, whether you’re navigating busy cities or exploring the beautiful countryside.

Our Toyota Aygo  is one of the most popular options available at Eurodrive, all our Aygo’s

  1. Easy to park
  2. Modern appearance
  3. High-Quality air-conditioning
  4. Smooth to drive and comfortable to travel in
  5. Sat Nav 

Whether you’re on a city break or driving to work, most of us know the pain that comes with trying to park in a busy city. The last thing you want when you finally find a space is for your car to be impossible to park. With its easy-to-handle steering and automatic transmission, the Toyota Aygo offers a smooth driving experience.

Modern Appearance

A hire car doesn’t mean you can’t travel in style. Toyota Aygo offers a modern and stylish appearance. Featuring a wider front bumper than previous models, as well as integrated fog lights and a more streamlined front grille, this Toyota looks the part.

High-Quality Air Conditioning

There’s nothing worse than hiring a car only to discover the air conditioning is broken, or perhaps worse, there is no air conditioning at all. Hiring the Toyota Aygo guarantees you have access to air-con when you’re driving. You don’t have to worry about overheating  in the summer or  fogging up in the winter. 

Smooth to Drive

The steering wheel offers minimum resistance and adjusts for rake, so instead of a fight to drive, the Aygo is a comfortable experience. With a 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine powering a lightweight 800kg vehicle.

Comfortable & Spacious

The Toyota Aygo has five doors and features comfortable back seats. Designed with space efficiency in mind, the vehicle can fit four adults comfortably – with space in the boot for your bags too. 

Eurodrive Toyota Hire

For an affordable small car hire option, the Toyota Aygo is the perfect choice for you. From £33 daily, £59 for the weekend, and £140 weekly, it’s easy to see why the Toyota is one of the most popular options available at Eurodrive. Browse our vehicle hire options to find the perfect car for you.

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