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Why Van Hire is a Great Option When Moving House

Something that should not be overlooked when planning your move is the transport that you’re going to use. Some people are able to use their own transport to move but there are many benefits to hiring a van.


Now, we don’t know what size of transport you have. But if you don’t have access to a van then we can help. We have different sized vans for all your needs so whether you are moving your child into university accommodation or moving a family home we have an option for you. 

Take into account how much you need to move and also the distance you are moving. If you’re staying local you can get by with a smaller van and do a few trips. If it’s a long distance move our 7.5tonne trucks are a brilliant option. Remember to take into account all your furniture, clothes, toys – and dont forget about those items hidden away for example in the shed, garage and loft. Most of our vans and trucks all have tie points so you can secure everything in place.


There are a lot of tasks and headaches associated with a move. Van hire helps you work on your own time scale, whether you pick the van up the day before or morning of the move we can help. If you have any questions or queries  about the different size vans then please let our team know and they will help. It’s easier than ever to book a van. At Eurodrive, our van hire is hassle-free and quick and convenient.


Our vans give you plenty of room to pack your items, by hiring a van you have the advantage of knowing your items are being kept safe and secure. Your furniture and other items can be strapped down and given enough space to be kept safe. Plus, you’re the driver and  in charge of loading and so are able to drive carefully and pack your items and make sure they’re safe, 


By hiring a van you are able to be in charge of your own move. By renting a van it stops numerous journeys back and forwards in a car. Plus the struggle of your sofa not quite fitting in a friends van.

So, overall, we recommend considering van hire for your move. Especially if this is your first big move. 

To find out more about our van hire services, get in touch with EuroDrive today. Call us on 01865 715 500 – Oxford or 01235 819 700 – Didcot. Alternatively, please feel free to fill in the enquiry form on our contact page today.

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