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    Hybrid Car Hire Oxford

    The 1st of March 2018 will mark the official arrival of our first Hybrid Car for you to hire! We haven’t previously had any hybrids or electric vehicles on the fleet, but as times are changing and technology is moving forward it has become easier for us to run hybrid vehicles.

    We are one of the few hire companies in Oxford to offer Hybrid Hire Cars and our Toyota Hybrid Car will be our first one that everyone can hire. The plan is to hopefully add more hybrid cars to the fleet as we move forward.

    What is a hybrid car?

    A hybrid car combines a conventional combustion engine (usually petrol-powered) with an electric motor.

    The combustion engine charges the car’s batteries, with the electric motor usually kicking in when extra power is needed, such as during acceleration. Cars use the most fuel when you’ve got your foot on the floor increasing speed, so using an electric motor to help the combustion engine helps make cars much more efficient.

    Hybrid Car for Hire

     The Facts:

    • There are more than 8 million Toyota Hybrids on the road
    • No need to Plug in
    • Toyota has been perfecting their Hybrid technology for 40 years.

    The Auris:

    • Engine – 1.8-litre hybrid automatic
    • Fuel consumption combined – Up to 83.08 mpg
    • Body style – 5 door hatchback
    • CO2 emissions combined – From 79 g/km

    If you would be interested in hiring a Hybrid Car, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today! Feel free to fill out our contact form to the left or visit our contact page by using the link below:

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