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Why Booking Direct is Always Best!

Are you looking for a car to drive around on holiday, or a van to move into a new property? Vehicle hire is a great, cost-efficient option whether you’re going abroad, or staying put in the UK. Providing you with freedom and flexibility, vehicle hire allows you to get from A-B without relying on external services or public transport.

We believe the process of renting a car should be easy and completely hassle-free, and booking directly is important to ensure you receive the best service possible.

Smooth and Reliable Process

There are plenty of booking companies out there that offer ‘all-in-one’ services, booking every aspect of your holidays and other trips. This includes car rentals. However, there are a few disadvantages when it comes to booking through such companies. Customers often end up being let down by booking companies as aspects such as car rental are often neglected. Whether the necessary booking is completely missed or inaccurately booked (ie. booking the wrong car or a vehicle that is actually unavailable), it can lead to serious frustration. Frantically looking for a rental car at the last minute is stressful and can greatly affect the timings of your day or holiday.  We therefore highly recommend booking directly with Eurodrive to ensure a smooth and reliable process.

Significant Savings

Booking directly can save you a considerable amount of money. Booking companies will often add a premium onto their prices in order to make money on your booking. Therefore, coming to us directly can help you avoid this premium and will ensure you get the best value possible. We offer fair and competitive prices, and understand what options are best for your own requirements as well as budget.

Better Selection

Booking companies can typically only book a limited selection of cars. Booking through us directly means you will have access to our full selection of cars and will be able to book our best vehicles. This includes new cars that aren’t yet registered with booking companies or even extra available vehicles that are kept as emergency options. Some vehicles are also kept for direct bookings as we strive to look after our direct customers as best as possible.

Expert Help

Our experience and expertise mean we understand your requirements and can advise you on the best vehicle for you. You will have direct access to help at any stage of the booking process, whether it is advice on which vehicle you need, or help to understand the terms of your car rental – we are there for you. You can call us directly for advice, quotes, and customer service queries. All of our employees are highly trained and experienced, so you will receive the most accurate and detailed information that booking companies may not have at hand. Enjoy the best service possible today by booking with us directly.

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